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Lip Gloss Tube in Europe

in the past 50 years, the European tube packaging market got a mature development, so lots of companies can still remained a relatively stable momentum even though some adversely affected of the financial crisis under the changeable economic environment. At least compared with other industries, the demand decline of Europe lip balm tube (lip gloss tube)market is relatively small. In addition to the above reasons, it also benefited from several reasons:

1. Tube packaging has good generality. Tube packaging is an ideal form of packaging for many terminal application markets. An extensive market foundation makes tube can withstand a certain degree of economic turmoil;

2. Tube packaging is mainly used in the field of consumer goods, which are not obviously affected by the financial crisis, so the demand for tube packaging has not hit by these rapidly declining market.

3. Due to the flexibility of the tube package, the European packaging industry is also actively expanding the applications of tube packaging in other market segments, and keep stabilizing the current existing market share by new products and new technologies.


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